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Billy Liddell at One Hundred: A Family Portrait of a Liverpool Icon - Former Player Contributions

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Today marks three months until Billy Liddell at One Hundred: A Family Portrait of a Liverpool Icon is released.

During my research for the book, I have been lucky to speak to some Liverpool greats to discuss their personal memories of Billy Liddell on and off the pitch. Of the 93 players Liddell played with for Liverpool, only 10 are still alive. To be able to speak to so many of them, as well as players in the youth team as he was nearing the end of his career and a couple of club legends who knew of his importance to the club, was a pleasure and a thrill.

July marked 20 years since the great Billy Liddell passed away. So many can say so much about the man, his death to the terrible disease of Alzheirmer's makes him one of many footballers to succumb to a disease that appears synonymous with heading a heavy ball and something which needs so much more research and responsibility.

As the release of the book ticks ever closer, now felt like a good time to share some of the tributes paid to him by some of the great players I was lucky enough to speak to for my book. The book is available to pre-order now, but more importantly, here's a brief example of the legacy the great man had on our club from some of those lucky enough to share the pitch and memories of him.

Thanks very much to:

  • Ian Callaghan

  • Jamie Carragher

  • Alan Hansen

  • Gordon Wallace

  • Gordon Milne

  • Johnny Morrissey

  • Jimmy Melia

  • Keith Burkinshaw

  • George Scott

  • Alex South

  • Alan Banks

William Beveridge Liddell 10.01.1922 - 03.07.2001

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Peter Kenny Jones




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