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Next Up - Cardiff City & Stoke City (Published in Sheffield Wednesday's Official Programme)

Updated: Feb 18, 2021


There is perhaps no modern-day action more synonymous with Cardiff than the club's change from blue shirts to red back in 2012.

The controversial move to change the shirt colour of the team reverberated across the football world.

The lion's share of fans empathised with the City fans. And what exacerbated the situation was a shift in the identity of the whole club, with the bluebird on their crest dwarfed by a red dragon of the Welsh national flag.

The nickname of 'The Bluebirds' remained but much had changed of Cardiff's distinctiveness in the eyes of the fans.

The change from blue to red resulted in numerous protests amongst the fan base and eventually triggered a turnaround from the boardroom as the players reverted to wearing the more familiar colour of blue.

Club officials met with a consultation group of supporters in January 2015 and reversed the decision, much to the delight of the fans.

STOKE CITY 22/10, 7:45PM

Stoke fans would certainly consider their greatest win as the 1971/72 League Cup final over Chelsea. However, that is not the only domestic trophy the Potters have lifted.

In August 1973, the Potters were the proud winners of the Watney Mann Invitation Cup, a short-lived trophy contested in the early 1970s.

The Watney Cup, as it was normally referred to, was a tournament that ran for four seasons from 1970-1973.

Stoke followed in the footsteps of Derby. Colchester and Bristol City when they won the trophy in front of 18,000 fans at the Victoria Ground in 1973.

The Watney Cup was historic as it was the first sponsored trophy in England. This marked the beginning of a new age of football sponsorship.

The competition consisted of eight teams, two from each of the top four divisions in England. The teams involved were the top scorers of their respective leagues who had not been promoted or gained qualification to any European competition.

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